Subaru Legacy

From R657 000

Just right. You’ll recognise it when you feel it. That’s the feeling you get from Legacy. A seamless blend of elegant design and Subaru engineering, the sporty and smooth driving feel of Legacy takes you wherever you need to go in comfort and style, even on those long rides. At the end of each day, Legacy helps you find the confidence and motivation to boldly face the challenges of tomorrow

Steering Responsive Headlights (SRH)

When rounding a curve at night, the illumination direction of the headlights moves left or right according to the steering wheel to ensure visibility

LED Front Fog Lamps

These LED Front Fog Lamps illuminate a wider area to ensure good visibility for nighttime driving

18-inch Aluminium-alloy Wheels

Multi-spoke 18-inch aluminium-alloy wheels have a Legacy-exclusive, rugged appearance and an aerodynamic design for improved fuel efficiency. Together with the 225/50R18 high-performance tyres, they make an attractive addition to your Legacy

Twin Tail Mufflers*(Optional)

These enlarged tail mufflers hint at the sporty performance within

Automatic Rain-sensing Windshield Wipers

Available automatic windshield wipers detect rainfall on the glass and adjust their wiping intervals and speed accordingly

Keyless Access with Push-button Start System

Your key fob grants you complete keyless access. To lock/unlock the front doors or tailgate, simply grip the door handles. To start the engine, push the button. Using a 5-digit PIN code allows you to enter your Subaru even without your key fob

USB Power Outlet (Front and Rear)

Keep all your electronic devices fully charged and ready to use with easily accessed USB power outlets for both front and rear passengers

Dual-zone Automatic Air-conditioning System with Anti-dust Filter

Both the driver and front passenger can set different temperatures, and the dual-zone automatic climate control will adjust the air conditioning to keep it there

Rear Ventilation System

Offering added comfort for rear passengers, the Legacy models include adjustable rear-cabin air vents on the back of the centre console box

Comfortable Rear Seats

The cabin of the Legacy was designed to provide ample space for rear passengers for enhanced comfort on longer drives

Aluminium Pedals

These aluminium pedals are studded with grips for more sporty driving

Large Sunroof

Enjoy a more open feel with the large, panoramic sunroof. The inner sliding sunroof includes tilt-up and auto-reverse features to bring in plenty of light at your command

Technology with a human touch

Make your day-to-day brilliant. The ingenious design and technology of the Legacy work exceptionally well and are especially useful. A centre touchscreen and LCD meter centre display give you access to it all. A premium audio system with 12 Harman/Kardon speakers is available for your enjoyment. Plus, the entire infotainment system is compatible with smartphones, making it easy to stay connected

Rear View Camera

When the driver shifts into Reverse, the camera displays a live colour image on the in-dash display, along with guidelines to assist in parking manoeuvres

LCD Meter Centre Display

The LCD meter centre display supplies the driver needed information at a glance without having to look to the side. It also features an efficiency display that allows you to track your fuel economy. It’s the data you need to stay informed and confident that your drive stays as efficient as possible

Harman/Kardon Audio System

Featuring Harman/Kardon’s latest technology, GreenEdge, the premium audio system in the Legacy includes 12 Harman/Kardon speakers and improved acoustics for a richer audio experience

Subaru Boxer Engine

The boxer engine derives its name from the horizontal movement of its pistons, which resembles the quick, jab-like motions of a boxer’s fists. Although not a global standard, Subaru remains solely committed to the SUBARU BOXER engine because it embodies the Subaru promise of delivering enjoyment and peace of mind to all passengers. It also represents our steadfast commitment to technological innovation and engineering excellence

Why Lineartronic?

Subaru Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) incorporates two adjustable pulleys with a chain link for stepless gear ratio. This feature ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience with optimum power at any speed for better fuel efficiency

Why Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive?

Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system evenly and continuously distributes power to all four wheels. This stable layout, with even weight distribution, gives the vehicle better overall balance and precision cornering control, allowing sufficient traction in slippery conditions to help keep you safe in bad weather and uneven roads

Rear Vehicle Detection

Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD) uses sensors placed around the vehicle to alert you of vehicles in your rear blind spots for safer lane changes, and can also warn you of potential collision danger, whilst driving in reverse into a street with cross traffic *1*2

*1 The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving and observance of traffic regulations. Please do not depend solely on the Advanced Safety Package features for safe driving. There are limitations to the recognition features of this system. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations. Please ask your retailer for more details.
*2 Optional.

Active Torque Vectoring

When cornering, Active Torque Vectoring applies the brakes and distributes less torque to the inside wheels and more torque to the outside wheels. It helps make sharp turns and handling more precise. In combination with the Vehicle Dynamics Control System, it helps to keep you out of harm’s way, granting you a comforting sense of security

Dedicated to safety

As with all Subaru vehicles, the Subaru Impreza subscribes to the brand’s unrelenting pursuit of ultimate vehicle safety. Featuring five-star safety ratings from Euro NCAP and ANCAP, the Impreza also received the US IIHS’s coveted Top Safety Pick award, placing it at the very top of the list of the world’s safest vehicles. This makes it the only small car to earn top ratings in all IIHS evaluations

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